Paronychia Home Treatment Using Emilia Sonchifolia

Herbal paste of Emilia Sonchifolia L has taught long ago for the acute Paronychia home treatment. This plant is growing wild in China, Southeast Asia, then spread out to Africa, Australia, and America. To know more about Emilia Sonchifolia morphology has discussed on the previous page.

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Nausea Remedy Stomach Ulcers To Get Rid Bloating

Today many people experience stomach ulcer, suffered by teenagers to parents. And how nausea remedy for stomach ulcers? Stomach ulcer also called peptic ulcers, a symptom of a disease caused by injury or inflammation of your stomach. It cause stomach ulcer, stinging and nausea. Some people have also tried nausea-relieving drugs from various traditional ingredients.

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UTI Treatment Without Antibiotics Using Adiantum Cuneatum

Adiantum Cuneatum not only as an ornamental plant in the garden. But also has a good herbal for urinary tract infection or UTI treatment without antibiotics. Adiantum Cuneatum known as a very popular fern plant in Indonesia to decorate the room and garden.
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Gonorrhea Herbal Cure, Chlamydia Treatments In Males

Gonorrhea is one of sexually transmitted diseases because of the bacterium Neisseria Gonorrhoeae that infects the inner layers of the urethra, cervix, rectum, throat, and conjunctive parts. In Asia, many people treating gonorrhea traditionally using some herbs. Gonorrhea herbal cure, alternative medicine for Chlamydia and plants will be described on this page.

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Dysmenorrhea Home Remedy Herbal Tea

Every woman has ever felt dysmenorrhea, this muscle cramps felt in the lower abdomen. These symptoms usually appear before or are experiencing menstruation. Not many women can withstand pain, it can quite severe and spread to the back and thighs for 2-3 days. Dysmenorrhea home remedy naturally with traditional Asian herbs that actually work.

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How To Eat Avocado for Weight Loss?

Avocado commonly known to Asians and Central Americans, this plant grows our garden and cultivated. Persea Americana, a member of the Lauraceae family, is one of the trees that comes from Central Mexico. Traditionally, Asian ancestors had consumed avocados as well as other fruits. How to eat avocado for weight loss with Asian diet recipes? They consume avocados for the diet, making avocado juice based on traditional recipes.

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Avocado Leaves Tea Recipe

Today many people suffer from kidney stones or Urolitiasis. Kidney stones are a piece of solid material or stones that form in the kidneys and out through the urinary tract. Generally, if kidney stones are small, the patient does not feel the symptoms. But if the kidney stones sized more than 5 millimeters, this stone will cause Ureter blockage and pain in the waist or abdomen. Our parents in Asia have inherited the traditional Kidney stone crusher from the fresh avocado leaves tea recipe. This herb helps the patient to do healing quickly.
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