Discovery Ancient Artifacts 1 Million Years In South Africa

Kathu site is one component groupings of prehistoric sites known as Complex Kathu. Other sites in this complex including Kathu Pan 1 also keep fossil animals like hippos and elephants, as well as the earliest known fossil evidence as spear equipment from the period of half a million years ago.
In 2013, the excavation area of Kathu city managed to get tens of thousands of stone tools such as flakes, and core equipment. The site may have a wider range of functions that can unlock the mysteries of human ancestors. Michael Chazan, director of the Archaeology Centre at U of T emphasizes, the scientific challenge has been to find traces of early human activity in this area.
Archaeologists who incorporated in the excavation necessary to imagine the scenery ancient artifacts around Kathu site that supports the existence of a large population of human ancestors. Similarly, fossils of ancient elephants and other large animals such as hippos, all indications are that the town Kathu formerly wet, perhaps like the Okavango region than the Kalahari. Archaeologists do not doubt the existence of complex Kathu, this site provides a unique opportunity to investigate the evolution of human ancestors in South Africa.

Discovery Ancient Artifacts 1 Million Years In South Africa.

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