A Personal Letter Of The Roman Legion 1800 Years ago

Aurelius Polion been considered very understanding about writing, but his handwriting, spelling and grammar Greek looks uncertain. So the translation is more difficult to comprehend. 

Maybe he uses multi language, communicating in Egypt or ancient Greek language when it is registered in Egypt before the Roman Legion, then he also communicate in Latin to the soldier of Pannonia. According to researchers, Polion write the letter at his home in Greek, because writing in Egypt not the right choice at the time, and the possibility of his family in Egypt did not quite understand Latin.
To estimate the date of letter, scientists rely to handwriting style and some specific clues. Another clue is obtained from the name of the Roman Legion soldier, Arelius, he can get it from granting of Roman citizenship in 212 AD.
Other clues are Polion reference to “Commander Consular” which shows occurred after AD 214, when the Roman province of Pannonia Inferior was under the consular government. The letter is personal and common themes focused on the family, it reflects the emotions of the soldiers of the Roman legions, which looks no different emotions with the soldiers today.



Rice grad student deciphers 1,800-year-old letter from Egyptian soldier, 14 March 2014, by Rice University. Full Paper (Pdf): The Bulletin Of The American Society Of Papyrologists.

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