Crop Yields Will Reduce, People Immediately Threatened With Starvation

According to Professor Challinor, the study looks at the direct shift consensus suggests that the impacts of climate change will happen faster than ever before. Average increasingly negative impacts of climate change on crop yields will be starting from the 2030’s onwards.

The impact of climate change will be even greater in the middle of the century, when the reduction in crop yields of more than 25 percent and the climate will become common.

In the future, the terror famine will probably be a major problem, and this is not due to population explosion but due to climate change reduces crop yields in the world. Different countries will experience a situation to win and lose in the different years, humans will most likely face the destruction of world civilization.
The overall situation in the future have a negative impact, and that should be done at this time is to support adaptation that we were able to avoid adverse effects. Small adaptation techniques can be introduced to farmers, such as adjustments in the various types of plants and planting date. Agricultural transformation is expected to be larger and require innovation to maintain crop yields in the future.


Climate change will reduce crop yields sooner than we thought, 16 March 2014, by University of Leeds via EurekAlert. Journal ref: A meta-analysis of crop yield under climate change and adaptation. Nature Climate Change, 2014; DOI: 10.1038/NCLIMATE2153. Oryza sativa of Kadavoor, image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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