World Civilization On The Verge Of Collapse, Is It True?

The current situation looks encouraging collapse of world civilization in a few decades, due to increased instability and pressure existing resources on Earth. Scientists are attempting to find a way out and predict the future of world civilization, one of which uses a theoretical model to predict which will occur in the industrial world in the next century. This theory is based on mathematical calculations, a conservative estimate might be very bad and very fast.
As reported by the Guardian, natural and social scientists in collaboration with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to solve the prediction of future collapse of world civilization, and the results of research published in of the journal Ecological Economics. But unfortunately, in the search of the journal does not appear Safa Motesharri. The research is true or Hoax?

Doubted: NASA Revealed The Collapse Of World Civilization

This is not the first time that scientists warn of global disaster has the potential to undermine the world civilization. There are several global prediction caused splits in society, famine will hit the world and without law may soon occur.
Some scientists predicted threat ever in the past year include cyber attacks on the power grid, bioterorism, food shortages, pandemics, climate catastrophe, and the most interesting part of the development of computer technology is slander. Some experts fear that computers will be more smarter and the possibility of hostilities would be easier to make slanderous.

World Civilization On The Verge Of Collapse, Is It True?.

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