Mahendraparvata, The Lost Ancient City In Cambodia

The shape Mahendraparvata ancient city remains poorly understood despite cave monuments and sites as well as reservoirs in Phnom Kulen has been found. As in search of civilization Amazon, of course, vast forests became one of the obstacles overview lost ancient city in Cambodia.

Archaeologists suspect that the Phnom Kulen is part of a long history associated to Mahendraparvata and Angkor Wat complex. To date, the area of Phnom Kulen is still filled with dense forests despite previous land use history is known.

Historical and geographical foremost look at Phnom Kulen plateau into the water source and supports Angkor Wat. Dr. Dan Peny of the University of Sydney has examined core samples of soil and vegetation from one of the reservoirs in the region of Phnom Kulen. This is solely to obtain evidence of intensive land use during the occupation and after the heyday of the ancient city Mahendraparvata.

Mahendraparvata, The Lost Ancient City In Cambodia.

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