Global Map Of Human Genetic History, First Time in The World

Although individual mutations is less obvious, but by adding information throughout the genome it will obtain the mixing the data. Sometimes DNA samples of nearby regions could have a source of genetic mixing, and never thought of before. For example, when scientists examined DNA samples of sub-Saharan Africa, may be related to the Arab slave trade, the other from East Asia, and another from ancient Europe. In this case, almost all human populations indicates genetic mixing, thus often involve populations that is migrated at a large distance.

Research identified data of 1490 people, a piece of DNA that is shared among individuals of different populations, where populations share more genetic descendants and pieces of human genetic ancestor provide clues about the history of the chromosome.

According to Dr Simon Myers, understanding the genetic similarities and differences among human populations is the key to public health. Some populations are more at risk of certain diseases than other populations, medicinal properties also resulted in varying effects that are very rare genetic mutation may result in differences between populations. This will affect on the map of human genetic history, future research may have implications for DNA impact on population health and disease.

Global Map Of Human Genetic History, First Time in The World.

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