Aral Sea Has Lost 90 Percent Water In Last 50 Years

Both scientists found evidence that each year the Aral Sea watershed lost an average of 12 to 14 cubic kilometers of water, equivalent to the size of Lake Mead per year. This amount ranges from half times the rate of total loss of the Aral Sea water, 24 cubic kilometers. This suggests that half water is lost in the Aral Sea completely gone from the watershed due to evaporation or excessive water consumption in agriculture, but lost half of water coming from the upstream watershed.

More specifically the volume of water currently in the middle of the Aral Sea watershed, almost all agricultural land is currently ongoing. The volume of water continued to rise over the last four years, they believe that some the increase came from improved water conservation although some conservation efforts are considered inefficient. 

Decreased rainfall analysis from a satellite using NASA’s Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission, precipitation changes already occurred since 2002. While the two scientists compared the data since 1980, they found no signs of reduced rainfall on the watershed for 30 years. Rainfall is expected to shift near the Aral Sea and scientists may have misled previous studies that consider the existence of an overall deterioration in the rain.

Aral Sea Has Lost 90 Percent Water In Last 50 Years.

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