New Material Of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Energy Saving

Kusner agree to the physicist and writer Ivan Smalyukh of UC Boulder, their collaboration is the first to demonstrate in the experiment, some of the most fundamental theorems in topology of real materials. The research was published in the journal Nature ‘Topological Colloids’ December 2012.

An important aspect of this study, the experimental Colorado team who made ​​the complex topology of micro materials to allow controlled trials in three-dimensional liquid crystal. They analyze the geometry and topology of the experiment, to explain the observed patterns, and predict patterns of what should be seen as experimental conditions change.

In their experiment, the physicists at UC Boulder showed that the topology of small particles is injected into the liquid crystal media in a consistent way, the theorem is used in geometry and topology. The researchers say that they have identified the material so the approach to new materials using topology.

New Material Of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Energy Saving.

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