Anti-Matter Does Not Dominate The Universe

The twins Anti-matter almost identical to the sub-atomic particles (electrons, protons and neutrons) which has formed our world. When an electron meets anti-electron, both are annihilated in a explosion of energy. Failure to see bursts of explosions in the universe hinted about anti-matter physicists are rare, and material have mastered the universe.

Neutrinos, particles that are highly abundant but almost no mass and perhaps even this is an anti-particle. Physicists have put last hope on neutrino to explain the existence of anti-matter in the universe.

The reactor is the main source of anti-neutrinos, and gauge how the material was changed for a brief movement of the reactor to the detector, it provides a basis for calculating the quantity called the mixing angle, the possibility of transformation from one form to another.

Anti-Matter Does Not Dominate The Universe.

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