Isotope Iron-60 Will Shape The Solar System

Isotope iron-60 is produced only supernova occurred nearby and spread the isotope through the explosion. The remnants of exploding stars in the meteorite to determine the conditions of the solar system formation.

Some remnants of radioactive isotopes are unstable, an energetic atomic particles decomposing over time. The scientists in the last decade have found a radioactive isotope iron-60 which are the solar system. Prof. Nicolas Dauphas declared all the results of this research in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Scientists at the University of Chicago (Department of Geophysical Sciences and Enrico Fermi Institute) found a radioactive isotope iron-60 which indicates an exploding star. This finding opposes the theory of star power exploded forcing the formation of the solar system.

Isotope Iron-60 Will Shape The Solar System

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