Nyasasaurus Parringtoni, The Oldest Dinosaur

For 150 years many people have suggested, indeed there are dinosaurs that lived in the Middle Triassic period, but all the evidence is still not clear. Some scientists use fossil footprints, but now it is known that other animals of time had a very similar feet. Meanwhile, other scientists also point to a single bone characteristics such as dinosaurs, but can be misleading because some of the characteristics evolved in some groups of reptiles is not a result of the same descent.

Fossil bones Nyasasaurus Parringtoni collected in 1930 in the region of Tanzania, but may not be correct that dinosaurs originated in that country. When Nyasasaurus Parringtoni living continents in the world are involved in a land called Pangaea. Tanzania will be part of the South Pangaea that includes Africa, South America, Antarctica and Australia.

Nyasasaurus Parringtoni, The Oldest Dinosaur

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