The Existence, Evidence, And Influence Of Ancient Aliens

In July 1937, the Nazi party such as Adolf Hitler and Goering, began sending their elite team of special forces. These teams tasked to collect any kind of supernatural, scientific and religious. Especially items related to the occult, supernatural and science tradition. During the search for Noah’s Ark, along the mountainous border of Turkey and Persia Arafat, the team has a story in a village near the Tigress river. Stories of 200 generations ago, a strange shiny house falling from the sky, making such a noise that woke everyone in the village.

Some time later, a man has found the object (the plane of ancient aliens). He said that the UFO sounds, feels warm to the touch, and has a foul odor. This story was reported to the NAZI German investigation team. A month later the two teams arrived, one group of scientists who pioneered ‘special weapons division of Nazi war machine’. A saucer-shaped object measuring 25 meters long and 8 feet in diameter. The plane was solid with no obvious entrance, and seemed to float several feet above the ground.

In December 1938, the plate was brought German scientists to the north of Munich. Mountains that has been converted into a facility to learn and recognize the plates. This plane was not the secret of another state, Nazi scientists have successfully dissect, grasp the flying soucer, and study the life of the planet of Mars. July 1941, when a Nazi scientist defected to the United States, no other nation knows what has been known by Hitler about ancient aliens, and what he did on the alien technology.

The Existence, Evidence, And Influence Of Ancient Aliens

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