Space Elevators, The Alien Technology

The space technology of NASA secret project is worth four million dollars expected to be rival the Space Elevators project from other countries. Scattered issues, NASA have used alien technology using nanotubes, such as the space elevators project built by the Japanese.

Space Tethers And Space Elevators

Michel van Pelt (1972) lives in The Netherlands, where he works as an engineer at ESTEC, the technical centre of the European Space Agency (ESA). He is an editor of the Dutch space magazine “Ruimtevaart” and author of the books “Space Tourism; Adventures in Earth Orbit and Beyond“, “Space Invaders; How Robotic Spacecraft Explore the Solar System” and “Space Tethers and Space Elevators“. He also writes about Mars exploration for the Dutch space and astronomy magazine “Astruim”. In addition he gives lectures on interplanetary exploration, Mars missions and space tourism.

Space Elevators, The Alien Technology

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One Response to Space Elevators, The Alien Technology

  1. Clark says:

    Carbon Tube Ribbon. Could it be what really makes space easilly excessable? This amazing material holds the promise of perhaps being what makes the first Space Elevator a real possiblity. Consider supper strong ribbon running from an equator point on earth out to a counter weighted anchor point in geostationary orbit. Now all we need is an elevator powered by perhaps lazer light or beamed microwaves to power the motor which allows us to simply push “penthouse” to space!
    I hope I live to see the day!

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