Unveiling The Secret Of The Eleusis Mysteries

The secretive Mysteries conducted at Eleusis in Greece for nearly two millennia have long puzzled scholars with strange accounts of initiates experiencing otherworldly journeys. In this groundbreaking work, three experts of mycologist, a chemist, and a historian argue, persuasively that the sacred potion given to participants in the course of the ritual contained a psychoactive entheogen.

“The Road to Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries” (R. Gordon Wasson, A Albert Hofmann) then expand the discussion to show that natural psychedelic agents have been used in spiritual rituals across history and cultures. Although controversial when first published in 1978, the book’s hypothesis has become more widely accepted in recent years, as knowledge of ethnobotany has deepened.

Kykeon ritual drink is not the drink that makes a person drunk, but believed to bring someone to meet god or even capable of making someone entered into another realm. Kykeon allegedly has many mysteries yet to be revealed, since the ancient Greece religion of mass destruction by the Romans.

Exploration of Mysteries Eleusinian shrine was first performed by G.Wheler found the site in 1676, and in 1811 Dilettanti Society excavating the site first. Greece Eleusis archaeological dig in 1882 to the present.

Source: Unveiling The Secret Of The Eleusis Mysteries

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