John F Kennedy, Why He Died and Why It Matters

John F Kennedy was shot in the back of the head, but his head jerked back to prove that he was shot in front. Most of the blood, brain, and skull fragments splashed into the back of the car. Witnesses provided a description of the shooting were threatened by a fake, while maintaining the truth will die. An American conspiracy theories in the assassination of U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The Story Of John F Kennedy

Many books which tells a murder mystery president John F Kennedy, one of which is ‘JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters’ by James W. Douglass, and several other authors who published a short article on these murder conspiracy. Basically, the content of writings based on allegations without proof, most witnesses are dead, the documents obtained incomplete, and the murder of the President of the United States still remains a mystery until now. Who is behind the assassination plot, who is responsible, to be able to make the United States changed.

On 22 November 1963, someone shot President John F Kennedy in Dallas, near the Trinity River. Since then, every poll shows that a majority of Americans in mind, knowing that the story was a lie and Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. While there is no conclusive evidence, there is pattern which leaves a ‘trace question’ behind the death of John F Kennedy.

Source: John F Kennedy, Why He Died and Why It Matters

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