The Race To The New World: John Cabot, And A Lost History

In the Middle Ages, the beginning of the year 1496 the sea around Venice, Giovanni Caboto in the UK southern port city of Bristol. He did not have the money, but a warrant from the King Henry VII to get a ship and sail in discovering a new world. England called John Cabot, and sometime in 1496-1498 (less than a decade after Christopher Columbus) he sailed three times to find the New World. The first trip was canceled, but the second trip he made landfall in what is now called Newfoundland and British North American states and the Roma.

Many have been explored during discovery, but the third voyage had not been. He left Bristol and disappeared without a trace, earlier alleged that the sailor John Cabot slaughtered enemy, disease, or drowning at sea.

In 2007, Dr.Jones analyze the proposal in an article in Historical Research. Dr.Ruddock describes how John Cabot regarded as a poor vagabond, is closely related to the influential Italian immigrant community in London. He requested the help of a diplomat (Giovanni Antonio de Carbonariis) to get a charter from King Henry VII by cunning strategies.

Source: The Race To The New World: John Cabot, And A Lost History

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